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Why bother to go static?

I think it has been more than 5 years since the first time I heard about Static Site Generators (SSG).

Since I am newcomer as Rubyist around 5 years ago, the so-called Jekyll Ruby-based SSG was the first thing in my mind at those time when creating blog and small sites.

It’s cool!

But, I am not really big fan of them …

… up until now.

Comment system

Unlike any CMS which is the comment system is mostly a battery included as default, any SSG I’ve tried doesn’t even try to have this feature. To be honest, how come it should be?

It static, and it should be. No dynamic site


Netlify doing great job to popularize this practive with JAMStack. Jekyll may not the main options for the future. But Static Site will be huge in the next years.