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Gilang R. Aprianto

Web developer with expertise in Ruby (on Rails) stacks for more than 5 years in full-stack or JAMstack


  • Proficient: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll, Slim, Git, Unix, Heroku
  • Familiar: RSpec, React, SCSS, Redis, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, CI/CD, Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Ansible, Elixir, Phoenix


MPM Group - ( Automotive consumer business group (tech subsidiary).

Software Engineer, Jakarta, Jul 2018 - Jul 2019 (1 yr 1 m)

Keys achievement:

  • Overhauled/rewritten the obsolete legacy systems into Ruby on Rails stacks, resulting in increased agility and 3x faster development cycle (based on Jira sprint report)
  • Coordinated with DevOps; devised hassle-free and maintainable deployment cycles by introducing CI/CD; composed Dockerize app and minimized the issue of environment gap between a local machine and production server; fast ready no more than 1-hour setup workspace to start coding
  • Improved test coverage by 70%, specs documentation, and standardized coding conventions by established unit/integration test and linting using Rubocop, RSpec, Capybara, and Selenium
  • Leveraged knowledge in unit/integrated test, Swagger API documentation and BDD/TDD practice

Karir Komunika Pratama - ( Indonesia’s first online job portal.

Software Engineer, Yogyakarta, Mar 2016 - Jul 2018 (2 yrs 5 mos)

Keys achievement:

  • Investigated, refactor code, and optimized slow query in Ruby on Rails stacks and achieved < 100 ms response times
  • Utilized Golang to build small services/tools to support monolith app; accelerated goal to < 50 ms response times
  • Proposed and implemented JAMStack solution on several microsites to serves faster, secure and reliable; accomplished 96+ performance scores in GTmetrix; reduced load time by 50%
  • Trained, guided and taught new developer to familiarize internal stacks and technology
  • Leveraged knowledge in monitoring, refactoring, JAMStack, and familiarity with microservices in Go

SoftwareSeni - ( Australia - Indonesia’s software house.

Ruby Developer, Yogyakarta, Sep 2014 - Feb 2016 (1 yr 6 mos)

Keys achievement:

  • Promoted into a dedicated Ruby developer (from PHP) in only a 1-month training, ahead of schedule by 3 months
  • Consolidated with the business/sales team to escalate any quotation/feature proposals and doubled sales by 120%
  • Upgraded outdated web apps from Rails 3.x into Rails 4.x; migrated from Heroku to AWS; resulting in decreased server cost by more than 80% (from around $1000/monthly) and 2x faster response time
  • Leveraged knowledge in Ruby Gems ecosystem and Ruby on Rails stacks


Personal Site: (for additional information, writing, and projects)

GIZ Tools (

  • Publicized various internet and web tools, e.g DNS checker, template converter, WHOIS tools
  • Utilized: HTML5/CSS3, VanillaJS, Classless CSS, Jekyll, Sinatra, Ruby, Heroku, JAMStack, Netlify

GIZ Blog : (

  • Authored blog in Bahasa about technology and web development
  • Utilized: HTML5/CSS3, VanillaJS, Ruby, Jekyll, Liquid, SEO, AMP

Personal Project: (for recent personal projects)

Professional Project: (for recent professional projects)

OSS: for open source contribution


Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia

Major: Informatics Engineering B.Sc (GPA 3.35), in a concentration of Web Programming, System Analyst & Design

EF English First for Adult, Jakarta, Indonesia

Level: CERF B2 Intermediate