• Taught myself beginner-level Elixir Phoenix framework. Worked on Sass project still not feeling productive with it yet.
  • Taught myself modern front-end development : Vue.js, Nuxt, TailwindCSS.


  • Taught Ruby on Rails and ElasticSearch with my mentor.
  • Built a simple project management on my intern and aiming to build a Google search clone. Too ambitious.


This is during my university internship year

  • Taught myself CodeIgniter and MVC concept on PHP framework.
  • Built simple warehouse stock management system for my internship project.


  • Taught myself WordPress and built site for my university official website.


  • Studied basic Pascal, Java, PHP & MySQL in my university years
  • Taught myself PHP/MySQL
  • Built simple restaurant management system for my web programming project.


  • Studied Pascal as my first programming languange during my first years as student
  • Taught myself programming, algorithm, data structure.